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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we hold our naming ceremony anywhere ? 


Yes, anywhere that would feel appropriate for you and your family. Your own home or garden, a hotel or a venue of your choice. 



Can we have religious content in our ceremony ? 


Yes. You can have religious references, readings and hymns if you wish. You can also have a non religious ceremony. 



Can we still have 'godparents' even if we have a non religious ceremony ? 

Yes. These are often known as 'supporting adults' and can make promises to the child as part of the ceremony.



Can we involve our other children or step children in the ceremony ? 

Yes. It is lovely for brothers and sisters to be involved. Maybe the lighting of a unity candle or the performing of a sand ceremony or the reading of a poem. 

Can we write parts of the ceremony ourselves ? 


Yes. These can then be woven into your personalised script

Are you willing to travel to perform our ceremony ? 


Absolutely, near or far. The cost of the ceremony includes my travel up to a 30 mile radius of Beccles although extra travel fees may apply outside of this area.